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On Vox: kids say the darndest things


While I am semi-prepared and semi-excited about it, I think the thing I'm most looking forward to is some of the ridiculous things the children say.

I went back through my entire Twitter profile a couple weeks ago, and found that I tweet about it being freezing cold in my classroom and quotes from children the most. Here are a few gems, copy/pasted from my Twitter profile.

  • 7th grade boy, in reference to a child who kept walking in front of the camera during our concert: "Come on parents, HANDLE YOUR YOUTH!!"
  • me: "guys, what did i say about quiet?" 6th grade boy: "to be it."
  • "miss, would you hate fridays if they were the new mondays?" I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME FOR YOUR MIND GAMES, CHILDREN.
  • me to 7th grade boy: "you just made up a cereal name." 7th grade boy: "i'm not smart enough to make up 'frank n berry'"
  • kid 1: "hey, kid 2 - who's your only friend on myspace? tom?"
  • wow, the children are super intense and super annoying this morning. all up in my grill and etc.
  • i swear i just heard a child use the term "buttgoblin." NEW FAVORITE WORD!!
  • to get my attention, one of my beginning girls just PATTED MY STOMACH. WHAT.
  • "achilles had a bad knee. that's how they killed 'im, shot him in the knee." - 8th grader. *headdesk*
  • "there is an appropriate time and place for the macarena, and this is not it." - me, to a child doing the macarena instead of getting ready.
  • a child just asked me "miss, what size are you in the foot?" i just stared at him.
  • "miss, let's go to narnia!" exam week has clearly fried their brains.
  • "ms. [my last name], we should play 'stairway to heaven' for festival." BEST QUOTE EVER. (FUNNY STORY: I actually bought an arrangement of "Stairway to Heaven" for them to play this year!)
  • "you're cold like cereal and milk on a tuesday." DIRECT QUOTE FROM A BEGINNER. WHAAAAAT.

I hope that I can get a Twitter gadget that works on my iGoogle page, so that these kinds of tweets can continue to happen. Going back through them made me laugh so so so much.

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On Vox: New setup!

I've been planning to move my bedroom furniture around for a while.

See? I even made a scale model.

Today I actually did it. No more procrastinating. No more blowing it off. IT WAS TIME.

The total time it took was around 3 hours.

This is the view from my doorway. (And yes, that is a Twin comforter on my Queen bed.) I have a new comforter set coming (my birthday present from my mom!) that includes a bedskirt, so this will look much, MUCH better once the Queen comforter is on it. My TV is right across from my bed (I'm actually typing this from my bed, while watching the SYTYCD results show) and my desk is next to the TV. The 2 calendars on the back wall are LOTR and The Office. Next to my bed, on the wall, is a little bedside table with a lamp on it.

I stood by the bedside table and took this picture, so you can see the desk. And you can (sort of!) see my little Backstreet Boys poster above the desk

Wall with dresser, bulletin boards, and floor lamp!

And then you can see my entire Knitting Area. 3 containers for yarn storage, and 4 bags cluttered about with various knitting projects in them.

It really feels like I moved into a brand new apartment. It's AMAZING. I love it so far.

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Mother's Day

I have the most awesome mother on the planet. (Don't even try and compare. Mine will win.)

Today, Mother's Day, she sent me an email telling me how "truly blessed" she is to have me as a daughter. Direct quote.

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legen - WAIT FOR IT

-Go to and look up 10 TV shows you like(d).
-Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
-Have your friends guess the show names.

1. Flashback - Scientific Experiment - Wet Jeans (LOST - mystico_tala)
2. Fugitives - Psychic - Wisecrack Humor
3. Downsizing - Awkward Silence - Accountant (The Office - mystico_tala & lostchapstick)
4. Real Time - Assassination Attempt - Federal Agent (24 - mystico_tala)
5. Fake Documentary - Sibling Rivalry - Narrator (Arrested Development - mystico_tala & lostchapstick)
6. Canadian - Yuppie - Told In Flashback (How I Met Your Mother - lostchapstick)
7. Tragicomedy - Homosexual Subtext - Archenemy
8. Eccentric - Inanimate Object - Surrealism
9. Whimsical - Resurrection - Young Versions Of Characters (Pushing Daisies - mystico_tala & lostchapstick)
10. Control Freak - Novelist - Murder Investigation (Castle - mystico_tala)

these boots are made for walkin'

wow, it's been a while since i've done one of these.

WOW. Long time, no meme. Well, Marivy dearest tagged me, and I'm waiting for a video to upload to YouTube, so HERE WE GO.

A. Each tagged person must post eight things about themselves on their journal.
B. At the end, you have to choose and tag eight people.

1. I am VERY NITPICKY, but only about certain things.
2. I have jungle limbs. My arms are freakishly long.
3. Also, I have water skis for feet.
4. I wish I could marry a fictional character. Several, in fact.
5. I absolutely love my career.
6. I can't see myself doing anything else with my life.
7. I miss my family so much that it hurts sometimes.
8. I really like hugs.

TAGGING: danidocrafty, mysterygrrrl, mystico_tala, lyss_monaghan, boomingvoice, lostchapstick, wolfe_tone, musicbizcello. If you've already been tagged, SORRY. Do it again. Or not. Whatevs.
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wtf, lj?

So, reading through the flist this evening, I noticed that ALL the entry titles were links, and that the links within the entries were no longer white, like they used to be, but dark green like the rest of the text of the entry.

My "customize journal style" page still has all the same hex colors, but on my journal and flist, they are changed. The tags are still showing up in the old link color, though.

I am annoyed.